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Next Rangers Manager!

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After the farcical resignation/non resignation of Warburton, Who will it be? Ideally Sir Walter Smith would come out of retirement and stabilise the club, unlikely tho.

I reckon Alex McLeish will return to Ibrox. Could do a lot worse.

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18 minutes ago, Negan said:

In case it has escaped your limitations...Rangers are pretty shite too.

I reckon the most successful club in the world are a tad more worthy than having shite like Pardew, seriously what has he ever acheived? McLeish has a far better record. Shame you weren't at Wembley that day in Feb 2011.against all the odd's.  Sir Walter i doubt will come out of retirement at 68. McLeish is a Rangers man. Tho his football style was horrid at Blues, he won us a major trophy, also his record at Gers is pretty good. That title winning season scoring over 100 goals, with Shota Nacho Dado etc.If memery serves me right, Gers had 5 player's score 20 or more in all competition's that season. Tho i may stand to be corrected.

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2 minutes ago, Negan said:


Pardew took Palace from the brink of relegation to a solid mid table finish. Got told to sell his best player which wasn't replaced and rightly struggled. Like the ex England manager now is. 


They then bought Benteke, and a few more, and took them to a relegation battle.Pardew is in no way, worthy of gracing Ibrox. McLeish has proved he is. How many trophies have they both won BTW? Excluding the McLeish treble, and Carling cup, just to give you a chance here.

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McLeish looking strong favourite now  according to several media and bookie sites. 66% win rate when previously at Rangers, which is pretty impressive. 

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1 hour ago, Red Devil said:

Pardew is more than good enough to manage Rangers, given the stature of the Scottish league at this time they would be lucky to have Rodgers and Pardew at the same time. 

He's a good manager as well, I've no idea what went wrong at Palace but he's a decent manager overall. 

Don't really agree. Rangers like UTD have a history that demand's success. A very high pressure job with huge demand's and expectation's. What has Pardew done to even remotely suggest he is up to such a job? He has half decent start's at a club, then fades quickly, IE Newcastle/Palace. McLeish is a Rangers man through and through,with a proven record in Scotland. He would command a respect Pardew never could.

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There has been brief talk's between Rowett & the Rangers board today. I still think it will be McLeish til end of season tho. Going forward i can see a head coach and director of football scenario.

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