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I've Just Deleted my Facebook


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Knowing me i'll probably log back in before the 14 days limit where after that if I don't log in, it will be deleted.

I only used to for groups and not friends. Some lass just had ago at me as I removed her lol.

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I concur with @MrMacleod :thumbs_up_smiley: It's an utter piece of crapola. I had it for Years and then all I would read is people slagging each other off all the fecking time(a bit like SA & Shelby do here at times, but with more Intent), I just got sick of all the bitterness and decided to delete my account.

I decided I would give Instagram a try, which, I have to say, was completely different to FarceBook and nobody seems to slags each other off all the time.  Instagram is way better IMO and I haven't looked at going back to FartBook any time soon. FFS! It has gone out of control these days with people stating how they want to die or how they will commit suicide or how they are gonna shoot up a school and kill Innocent people etc. It needs shutting down all together IMO.

I remember, a long time ago, even before FeckBook was on the scene, I used to use a little place called FriendsReunited, I'm not sure if it's still going or not but that used to be a nice place to catch up with old School Friends and Family.

Zuckerberg may be Rich Man in some peoples Eyes but he'll always be a Poor Man to me for starting that fecking portal known as FaceBook.

Sorry! and a Thousand apologies for my rant but it really gets my blood boiling when I think of it :dash2:

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On 15/02/2017 at 19:11, boro_boy said:

I've not really been using it the past few months, so thought I'd go all out al delete it permanently. 

I used to be so bad when I had facebook, checking in everywhere, posting random shite. 

I think that social media has slowly but surely run its course for me too now, as I can look at a name and automatically predict what there status update will be!
Smashing Gym.
Selfie overload.
Foodie photos.
"ballin" pretenders.
All men are arseholes.
I hate my Ex.
Checked in to blah blah blah 
Nauseating facebook live updates.
Whatever happened to the good old days when social media was fun, spontaneous and a laugh.
I'd rather you told me a joke then a made up for likes lie or long winded tale of woe.

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Just been on facebook. I know that mates who haven't posted recently are out. I can't imagine any serious person being on facebook or a forum when they are out and about, they are the one's to call now, to find out where they are. I really need to get out tonight.

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