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The Realist

What Food's Give You The Shit's?

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Just now, superally said:

Porridge for me. Half hour in my belly and I turn into a human spin dryer.Also KFC where nobody ever washes their hands.

Shouldn't this be in the food and drink forum haha, although it may be a random post.

ERM for me its chilli where the mince isn't cooked properly for chilli, so when I go to a bar for some grub and order chilli and its quite an amateur chefs whose chilli is basically just mince and tomatos. That gives me a rumbly tummy!

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Maccie-D's always does it for me, within 30mins I'm practically stuck to the seat for the next 10-20mins and I'll spare you the commentary of the rest of what happens :emot-toot:

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