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Welsh Open

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Currently watching the rocket against mark Davis and when he's on form its such an honour too see him like that, like shelling peas!

He was at my friends snooker hall not that long ago for a fund raiser and had the privilege to play him as won a competition but didn't get much of a look in. If my memory serves me correct he played 11 frames and made 9 centuries.

Apart from Hendry, he's one of my greatest players ever to grace the cloth.

With him the defending champion and a few big players (Robertson and Murphy already knocked out) I reckon he's favourite to win!

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Well I shall now sit and eat my shirt ....

From 3-0 up. Mark davis is now level at 3-3!

Along with the world number 1 mark Selby sitting at 3-3 also.

Crazy stuff!!

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I used to like watching 'Hurricane' Higgins and The 'Whirlwind', Jimmy White. They were both Fast & Frentic but played some amazing shots. I haven't watched Snooker in Years but I did watch some Pool Tournament a while back with Steve Davis playing for Europe against the States, which I found really entertaining to watch.

I never even realised that Ronnie was still playing :shruggy:

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Yeah unbelieveable so far. Don't know which upset was more crazy.

Ronnie O Sullivan winning 3-0 against Mark Davis to then get beat 4-3 or a 17 year old chinaman beating world number 1 Mark Selby.

I think whoever wins in the Trump/Hawkins match will go on too win it. But who knows!!


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2 hours ago, Negan said:

Judd Trump hasn't quite lived up to his potential imo.

How do you work that out?

This season alone he has won the European masters beating Ronnie O'Sullivan, got too final of the English Open beating higgens and Hawkins in the process, got to the Semi final of the Scottish open and now the final of the Welsh open. He's currently ranked world number 4.

Don't know about you, but I think he's having a pretty good season.

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