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The Realist

Fuck the governement, and everything.

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Yeah it's not just the business rates they are hiking up, it's the minimum wage which is increasing the cost of everything,

The minimum wage is a fucking gimmick and businesses should be able to charge what the want. Let people decide what the wage should be!, what I mean by that is if a company has a job got £4.50 per hour and people think that's not enough, then the positions won't be filled, if the positions are not filled, the company will have to increase the wage until someone fills that position. 

So some people last year got an extra 50p per hour, that 50p which is taxable, then also the business's will have to cover the minimum wage increase so they put their prices up which is also taxed, Its a money making scheme by the government. 

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19 minutes ago, Negan said:

Minimum wage is a good thing.

for the government it is. 

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Just now, MrMacleod said:

So we will be forced to pay more for a pint of tennant's while all the all the members of Parliament will get a pay rise!


A pay rise they give themselves!!!

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People are fooled by this minimum wage!

The more you get paid, the more tax they get in return. So them upping the minimum wage gives them more tax. PAYE and NI. 

It's clearly a money making scheme for the government. 

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