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Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership Court of Appeal battle


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Heterosexual couple lose civil partnership Court of Appeal battle

The couple, who have a daughter, say they will fight on to make sure civil partnerships are not limited to same-sex couples.


Fucking right they should carry on, basically if your British, White and Heterosexual, you're fucked and you have no rights. Civil partnerships should be for both gays and straights. It is clear discrimination. Everyone goes on abut diversity and inclusion, then shit like this happens, why bother.

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2 minutes ago, Negan said:

What a waste of a load of money.

Just get married and be done with it.

They don't want to though and they shouldn't have to if they don't want to. The are a couple and they should be recognised as a civil partnership so they get the legal protection and benefits of a marriage. 

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Only a real marriage between a man and woman should have the benefit's of a marriage. Fuck the political correctness.It is what has fucked our country right up.

Political correctness also put's housing economic migrant's ahead of housing our ex servicemen. It also allow's economic migrant's to have  nice warm houses at our taxpaying expense (that's you and me i'm talking about here) 3 meals a day, a 52 inch wide screen HD TV, they all seem to have the latest iphone ,probably a nice German car on their drive too. Whilst our pensioner's who have worked all their lives, can't afford to turn 2 bars on on their electric fires just to keep warm in winter.

It really does make my shit itch.

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29 minutes ago, Negan said:

What are your thoughts on a lifelong civil partnership for a man and woman instead of marriage? 

My thought's are, its utter bolox. This civil partnership is born out of political correctness. Marriage or nothing. If a bloke is gonna live with a bird so be it. As for the same sex thing, That is just plain wrong. Ask God or Allah about it.

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