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Storm Doris!

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Don't know what it's like where you live, tho it is beginning to get pretty angry in Birmingham. Getting very windy, and pissing down with rain. Dog barking like feck, at all the noise. I going bed as soon as i finish these 8 Stella I can sleep through anything anyhow.

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Just wet and a little windy here. Storm Doris isn't really affecting middlesbrough area as we're hard as fuck so it's avoided us. 

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Seems to have calmed down a bit, last half hour, tho still a bit windy.hopefully it has passed us by, or at least the worst of it.Just hope it is quiet enough to stop the dog barking, as he literally is never more than a yard away from me, and he has a very loud bark for such a small dog.I need a few hours kip.

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It's now just a bit breezy here. We missed it all, glad it didn't rain that much on my walk today. Walked for 3 hours on the Moors with the hound. 



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40 minutes ago, Negan said:

Quality pictures mate.

I love stuff like this.

Cheers, thoroughly enjoyed it. Need to do it more often. The photos were taken with my Google pixel phone. 

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