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My mate was filling up the car at the petrol station so i went inside to get a few snacks. When I walked in, I noticed two policemen watching a woman smoking a cigarette while filling up. I saw her & thought "what an idiot....with the police right there too". I went in and got my snacks. As I was paying I heard someone screaming. I looked out and the woman's arm was on fire!!!

She was swinging her arm & running around going ballistic!! I rushed outside to help and the policemen had put her on the ground and were putting the fire out with their coffee!! Then, they put handcuffs on her & threw her in the police car. I was thinking "she shouldn't have been smoking & pumping petrol!" But being the nosey person that I am, I asked them what they were arresting her for? The policeman looked me dead in the eye and said "WAVING A FIREARM!" 

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hahahaha thats bad, but a good bad lol :) 

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2 minutes ago, Red Devil said:


I actually believed that story for a second. 

I found it quite funny when i saw my friend post it up!

Too good not too share

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