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Solution for Slow Commuters?

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I was thinking, my Lenovo B550 Touch All In One is very slow, compared to my gaming laptop. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could connect a box or something similar to your slow computer and that box then does all the processing for the computer? You would be able to upgrade the box to make your computer faster or slower. Dunno what type of connections you would need though but it would be a good idea. 

I know upgrading my laptop will be hard, even the Lenovo isn't the easiest. Simply create a device which plugs in, does the processing and returns the results back to your computer, bypassing your computer's Memory, GPU ect.

Does anything like this exist or am I talking shite?

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18 minutes ago, Negan said:

Even if there was such a thing then it would be rendered useless unless the PC front bus size was increased to take it.

The fastly processed data would just sit in a virtual bottle neck. 

So you think it wouldn't work?

Don't even know what the bus size does!

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I'm not updating it, its fine for what I use it for, which is using it to browse the internet and watch on demand shite. 

I won it in a raffle on my last ship. 

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So is it a Windows phone? 

Lenovo is just IBM. 

I had a lenovo gaming laptop years ago. It had a lit up keyboard and the back of the screen had a flashing led lenovo word. 

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Compare Google Pixel vs Moto G4 - Google Pixel vs Moto G4 Comparison by Price, Specifications, Reviews & Features | Gadgets Now

Looks like a very decent phone. Did a comparison with mine, but mine was stupidly priced, safe to say I got it via an upgrade but the fucking monthly cost is £64.99, ridiculous really!

The Pixel does take amazing photos though!

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