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Wireless hard drives

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Does anyone have one?

I'm thinking about getting one, one that will allow me to access the hard drive (which will be connected to my home network) from anywhere in the world? There are a few out there but not sure which is the best. 

SEAGATE Personal Cloud Wireless NAS Drive - 5 TB, Black Deals | PC World

WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage - 4 TB Deals | PC World

I'm not too fussed about getting one that duplicates itself in case the hard drive fails. I've only had one hard drive fail on me in my entire life and that was last year when it melted and set the accommodation fire alarm off. 

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8 hours ago, simonutd said:

always go for one with raid, if you don't and a drive fails you loose all that gay porn of yours

But how often do hard drives fail!!

It might just be better putting it all on the internet in a cloud service like Sync | Secure Cloud Storage Privacy Guaranteed

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Yeah I know, so what happens if you get one of the WD mirror drives where you have 2 2TB drives but the 2nd drive is a duplicate of the 1st, surely if you have a power cut then they both are at a high risk of being damaged?

I might just buy cloud storage! It seems to be the way everything is going!

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