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Are People unable to post?

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Just wondering there have been no posts since Wednesday.

I am able to post but i've just logged in as a test member and when I go to reply to a post the submit button I pressed to post the message just gets stuck on saving. 

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I have reverted the site back to PHP version 5. I had been on PHP version 7 for over a month so Invision must have changed something. It was weird as I was able to post, I logged into my test account but was unable to post. I reverted to PHP5 and the test account was able to post. 

I thought everyone just fucked off. 

Sorry its took nearly a week to sort this out, I honestly didn't know there was a problem, I just thought it was strange that people were not posting. 


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11 minutes ago, MrMacleod said:

Yeah kept on happening too me also.

Glad it's sorted now :)

Yeah me too, I was basically just talking to myself haha.

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