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I think Michelin in just made up for Posh rich people who love to brag about where they eat. There is nothing better than going to a normal Italian and getting a pasta dish, or going to a local restaurant and getting a lovely steak and chips. At least you get filled up properly!!

I've never been to a Michelin restaurant but thats what I think it will be like, tiny portions for a massive price! When the dishes actually cost pennies!

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A friend of my wife always goes to one on her birthday. 

Some folk see them as entertainment.

My Mrs keeps saying we should go to one, but i am as common as fcuk. Not for me. 

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Michelin stars are only recognised with restuarants. 

You pay the extra in michelin.places not iust for the food but for the interactive with the chefs and front of house.

Ive eating in a couple michelin places myself but some of my favourite places are also normal restuarants. Give me a good steak and bottle of wine and im a happy man.

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