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Red Devil

Little boy blue/Three girls/Karen Matthews

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I'm by no means a big drama watcher, I love a movie but tv programs usually don't interest me. 

The latest trend of dramas based on real life crimes of the past ten years has me gripped, as long as the victims aren't offended and are consulted with the final cut. 

We've all learned so much about the crimes we've read about but kind of washed over during the years, it's been compelling viewing. 

I wonder what's next?

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I've not watched any of these. 

Might watch some of these when I have time.

Maybe Madeline McCann and the way they profit from their daughter going missing and the thousands of hours that are still being wasted in finding her. I know people should never give up looking but it's been 10 years now. 

Also I found it weird that they had a significant lead on the day of the 10th anniversary of her disappearance. That's all faded away again. 

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They can only be prosecuted if they have done something wrong.

Kate looks like a broken woman to me. Like someone who pines for her daughter. I feel very sorry for her.

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Three girls was unbelievable viewing. 

If this is going on all over the world, then the world is a fvcked up place. 

I'm a pretty solid guy, I don't generally get emotional but Three girls made my heart ache. I don't know if it was because I've got daughters, but I couldn't help but feel sick at what I was hearing. 

To think it would have been much worse than described makes it more messed up than I could imagine. 

Sick men, taking out their sick fantasies on little girls. Horrible bastards, knowing no women would allow them to do the things they fantasised about with them. 

Give me five minutes alone with them, I'd kill them no doubt. 


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