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Ive Started Slimming world

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Oh tell me about it, there all CRAZY!!!!

They eat shit during the week then they're shocked they've piled on the weight, 

I know I'm not going to have lost weight. But saying that, the last 2 times I thought I was going to put weight on, I lost, then told everyone I ate shit and lost weight, I'm sure the people hate me there hahaha. I like going there but people\ do my tits in, talking about their health problems. I'm like, I don't give a fuck fatty stick :)  to your diet and you'll lose weight. It is as simple as that. Fair enough the odd week you'll maintain or gain a little but continue sticking to the diet 100% and you'll lose weight. Humans are just addicted to shite, myself included. But if you have a big enough healthy meal, your Cravens will reduce dramatically.  

Right, I've written this, I'm now going to fix all my spelling mistakes with Grammarly. 


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Went to the group today and only put in 1 1/2 lbs which is good for eating shut for 3 weeks since my last weigh in. 

Going to be strict this week and next, before I go to Wales. I want to get my 2 stone total loss.

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That isn't too bad then. I weighed myself this morning and I was shocked that I have lost another 2lb, I have been eating crap the last few weeks. So in total I have lost 16lb.

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