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Soon there will be a link tax

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EU Politicians Try To Create A New 'Link Tax' To Protect Newspapers Who Don't Like Sites Linking For Free | Techdirt

What the fuck is this about. Surely I can link to who I want. How are they going enforce this. How can I be charged for linking to a newspaper article. I'd like them to try ha.

Save The Link | Save The Link

I absolutely hate the EU with a passion. 

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If you search link tax then you'll see it's all over the internet. It's legit, but it's impossible to manage, surely. Good job were leaving the EU. 

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It will never happen. Surely the people in the EU have more bigger priorities than this one which is intended to make the big corporations even more money. If they did do this and they managed to implement it then a lot of sites would lose traffic as people would stop linking.

It's all bollocks. 

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