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BBC Wages released 96 above £150k

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Extortionate amount of money some people are being paid. Chris Evans gets paid £2 million a year.


They accuse the BBC of discrimination of the gender gap. FFS. Maybe the men are just better, ever though that. Women in the navy get paid the same as me at my rank yet they can't lift heavy items. Why should I have to do all the lifting, they want all these equal rights yet they can't equality share the work load of lifting heavy items. But that's another story. 

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It's all about supply and demand. Men are wanter more than women do their prices are higher. Well for TV anyway. 

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I don't really like lineker that much, or Chris Evans, fuck knows why they are being paid so much. It's not the BBC fault they are just paying the market price. If they don't pay it then someone else will. 

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