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Drug tests at work


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should be a mandatory requirement in all aspects of the work place as there are always the cretins that accuse people of things but if you have a drug testing policy then they can have no argument  

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2 hours ago, Negan said:

I'm against it.

I know plenty of weekend alcoholics who function perfectly well in the work place from Mon to Friday.

What folk do in their downtime is their business and no one elses.

Half the twats in Westminster would be out of a job if they bought this in. Hence, it will never become mandatory.

When you operating machinery or something which if you fucked it up, go wrong and possibly put peoples lives at risk then it should be mandatory then, such as driving vehicles, operating machinery, operating weapons. 

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28 minutes ago, Negan said:

But, it is ok for the knobs at Westminster to be rip roaring drunk every night in the bar at Parliament on tax payers money with a snotter full of coke?

Well it's not okay, but they're not going to kill somebody, are they! 

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London would come to a grinding halt if drug testing was by law! 

Find a guy in a suit in London that isn't on cocaine and I'll buy you a ticket myself!



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22 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Depends on the job, if he's responsible for driving vehicles or responsible for other people's safety then 100%. 

If it's a simple office job, retail or warehouse, what's the point? 

Yeah not for office jobs. Where I work in Faslane, Babcock get random drug tests. But they deal with working on the ships fixing engines and maintaining diving equipment as what not. 

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