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Looking at a good router

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@simonutd you may help as your all in the know!

I have an ASUS DSL-N16 router which was free when I signed up to Origin Broadband for 18 months. 

But the wifi is hit and miss even when you're sat next to the router. The only time its decent is when you're using an ethernet cable. So to me, this says the router is shite. I did have the option to buy a better ASUS router from them but as I'm a tight knacker I chose the free one.:)

I just need to know what the best one is there at the moment, I don't want to spend more than £200 on the router. I've looked on different websites and they all have different routers as their best. So I think someone's maybe sponsoring them so they say their router is the best. 

Cheers :) 

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