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Trump bans transgender people from serving in military

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2 hours ago, Negan said:

So, a transgender isn't fit to cook food or do an admin job?

Yeah but where do they stay, with the men or the women. I mean a man who now things he's a woman, where do you put him as he is a man. Also does he get the same time in the fitness test as a women even though he's a man? 

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Why should they be treated differently? They are either a man or a woman. We can't go about trying to cater for everyone. I find transgender people scary. Not a lot of people will agree with me but it's a mental illness if they are a male or female and see themselves as something else. 

It's like me saying oh I think I'm a dog, I know I was born a man but I think I'm a dog. I need to walk about on my all fours can you tailor a fitness test for me (A dog person). I don't want to shower and I want to sleep on the upper deck and be fed out of a dog bowl and eat dog food. 

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6 hours ago, Haggis-Baws said:

Its Trump and your view that they are treated differently though BB, 


If someone was born a boy and sees themselves as a women or vise versa then frankly i don't give a shit and either should anyone else. Transgender people aren't asking for any special treatment. They are asking for equal rights. Not to be treated differently or special. 


Out of curiosity have either of you ever met a Transgender person? Some are mentally unstable but so is many heterosexuals. If they are mentally unstable then my guess is they won't get into the military anyway they wouldn't pass the medical. But if someone fully fit prepared to fight for his/her country and is mentally & physically fit then why shouldn't they be allowed? 


Got to admit some people views on this forum are scary. but suppose it shouldn't surprise me welcome to Tory Brexit Britain ah :)


I wouldn't say my views are scary. They are just my thoughts, yes I've met two of them in faslane. Both men who now think they are women. Your also right about them not getting in if they are unstable. And also right about me saying why should they be treated differently and me and trump (as were best mates) are treated them differently. 

They have to be treated differently as they are different. It just creates awkwardness when you are around transgender. Don't get me wrong, I treat them with respect when I'm around them and I'd never ever put the  down face to face, but they are weird. 

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12 minutes ago, Negan said:

In this day and age though shouldn't we have mechanisms in our character to have the grace or strength to accept the weird?

After all who is anyone to say what normal is?

Normal is just the average. 

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