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⚽ Championship Match Discussion Thread ⚽

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Saturday 23rd September

Bolton v Brentford
Derby County v Birmingham
Fulham v Middlesbrough
Leeds v Ipswich
Norwich v Bristol City
Preston v Millwall
QPR v Burton Albion
Reading v Hull
Sunderland v Cardiff
Wolves v Barnsley
Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest

Sunday 24th September

Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield United

Some good games this weekend, Birmingham will probably lose again, there is the Steel City Derby on Sunday. Boro should hopefully win against Fulham, don't think we have a good time at Fulham but we have a pretty decent strong team at the moment who are playing well together.

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Fulham v Middlesbrough's still nil nil. I hate nil Nils. Surely we can get a goal. 


Reply below added 7 minutes later

Damn were losing. 

Reply below added 7 minutes later

Oh we just equalised. 


Can we snatch a winner. 

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18 hours ago, boro_boy said:

Shame he's banned and can't reply. 

Hopefully it’s kept that way as he offers nothing to the forum. He’s a constant wind up and focuses on that than his quality of debatable posting which a football forum is.

Anyway back on topic, Leeds and Wolves looking good, would like to see both return to the Premier League

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Looks like were going to lose, had a few sitters that we've missed Arghh!!!

Norwich are time wasting and just defending their lead, since they scored lol.

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