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Fuck off stormzy

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Whiging that the police are doing their job. 

During a three-week crackdown by officers ahead of the west London event, more than 600 people were arrested and a large number of knives, guns, weapons, drugs and money seized.

The Met tweeted about the seizure of what was believed to be a kilogram of uncut heroin in Catford, southeast London.

The Twitter post led UK grime artist Stormzy to reply: "How many drugs did you lot seize in the run up to Glastonbury or we only doing tweets like this for black events?"

Black people are so hard done by. Why didn't he congratulate the police for getting all the drugs and weapons off the streets therefore making them safer?

I have the way some black people thing they are so hard done by.

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Fantastic response how many murders happen at Glastonbury?

everyone knows what the carnival is. Know someone who used to live on the route, he sold his drive space for 2-3k per day, OSB over his windows and doors and fucked off on holiday.

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