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I'm now a fan of Mazda

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They said that Al electric cars are.often coal powered cars. But all these thick greeny people think they are clean. Yeah they don't pollute the cities they drive in but they are not clean. 

I still think we need to focus on hydrogen cars.  If you don't crash then you won't blow up anything within 100m of the crash haha

 I hate celebrities, the media and governments who promote these as green. If there was a way of making sure only green energy was used to charge the card then this would.be fine another think with these electric cars is their range is shite and it takes ages to charge back up. 

On another thing whats all these green energy companies about who say they offer 100% renewable energy to your door. The only difference in your electricity when you change company is the company you pay everything else is the same, you don't just suddenly start getting renewable energy to your house. You'll still be getting coal generated energy to your house. 

Anyway my Saturday morning rant is over. 


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