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Aston Villa v Middlesbrough

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5 minutes ago, Negan said:

Villa are shit. Bruce will be out of work in two weeks.

Yeah maybe sooner than that if they don't get a result very soon. 

15 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Looks harsh. 

Yeah it was, hopefully we'll appeal but I doubt we'll get it recindered as it was kind of reckless and the intent to injure the other player was there. As he got sent off so early it's like a 4 match ban lol. We have enough players to replace him, no other player in any league has his pace and that will be missed. 

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11 hours ago, Red Devil said:

Did you get that line from Klopp?

He said something similar after the Mane sending off and it actually made sense. I'd never really looked at it from that angle before. 

Nah I didn't even know he said something similar ha. But we tried to get the ban overturned but failed, Villa got their red card overturned though. hmmm

I read on a boro forum that middlesbrough is like the Millwall of the north, being ill treated by the FA all the time. Surprised they didn't dock us any points for trying to get it overturned. 

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