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Origin Broadband - Slow Speeds at night

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During the morning when I get up, my speeds are about 65-70Mbps but during the evening just before 7pm the speed starts slowing down. At the moment its only 3Mbps. They say its truly unlimited so they say they don't have restrictions, traffic management ect. Think i'm going to have to give them a ring tomorrow morning. 

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I'm on the Origin Broadband Max plan, it used to be very stable but since they updated their systems its gone shit at night. 

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That is because everyone is on it at 7pm.

Think of the bandwidth as like a road and the users cars. At 7 in the morning it ain't too bad so you get to where you need to go quite fast. However, at 7pm when everyone is home and using it then things slow down and it takes a bit of time for all the trillions of packets containing info to be deciphered and routed to their final destination.

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It's never done this for the 6 years I've lived at this house. Only the past few weeks since they changed the usernames of the DSL settings you use to log in. 

Also you should never go under the minimum speed estimate, mine is 50Mbps my max being 8ⁿMbps.

I'm monitoring now with my laptop for a 24 hour period. 

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What do you have at the moment? What are your speeds?

I have Fibre but its just FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) so from the cabinet to your hours its still old copper wires, but the speeds are usually perfect (78Mbps) if you live close to the cabinet (Which I do) but the further away you live from the cabinet the slower the internet will be. You can also have FTTP which is "Fibre to the Premises) so its all Fibre Optics, I think the speeds on FTTP are very very fast. Are you getting FTTC or FTTP?

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Fibre optic is rapid because of the speed light travels. 

Packets are light signals down the fibre then are deciphered to e packets over copper. 

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Hahaha typical women, doesn't care about technology lol.

My internet speed has dropped right off. 

The green bars are the download, blue is the upload and red is the ping which has risen loads.

Sorry about the photo, dogs currently sleeping on me haha. 15079231504101628452330112882725.jpg

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Here are the graphs from Friday and Saturday night,

Below is the LIVE ping graph. As you can see (@19:27 17/10/2017) the latency is increasing.

My Broadband Ping - Origin Broadband

I try to ring their customer services up but after a few attempts at being on hold for over 30 mins i've give in and just emailed their complaints email address about the matter.

Its a joke as I get steady 59Mbps download during the day from just before midnight to just before 6pm then it all goes down hill with slow speeds. #OriginBroadband are wank!

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