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The Female Mind!


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On 20/10/2017 at 23:05, superally said:

Does anybody have a feckin clue how it works??

If so please share.

My missus is easy to understand, doesn't play the mind games like other snakes with tits do. I understand her 99% of the time, which is good considering i'm going to marry her!!

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well personally i think as members of the male species we just require to nod our head in agreement and let them think they rule the roost as such, but deep inside our inner feelings we are thinking wtf !!!

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No got a clue myself mate, half the time rachael ask me something or tells me something, I forget almost immediately. 

I swift any beginning or an argument with "fancy a glass of wine and a movie of your choice" 

World everytime haha. 

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Try to go with the flow as much as possible but there are times when it is bloody difficult to keep my mouth shut.


In a similar vein as SA & his missus at Boots, on Friday after the dentist we went up the town for various things and last stop on the home was Tescos - for bread, milk, carrots, turnip only as we have hunners of grub and what are considered essentials by 'er indoors at home. Aye right! Trolley was full and after putting the items on the till conveyor belt I went out for a ciggie. She came out and told me the bill was over a ton. Honest to fuck!

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