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5 minutes ago, superally said:

Banned all staff from wearing poppies.  The pub chain is denying it. Is it a load of shite spread on Twitter or the truth?

I read it was fake news.

They made a statement on their FB page I think.

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13 minutes ago, Negan said:

Wetherspoons has issued a statement after a spoof site posted that poppies had been banned in its pubs.

A tweet from @Wetherspoon_UK said that staff would not be wearing poppies because of the "ever expanding multiculturalism" of its clientele.


Despite the account being an unofficial spoof, the message went viral and has been retweeted hundreds of times.

JD Wetherspoon has responded by saying the account is fake and the chain supports the Poppy Appeal in all of its pubs.

Amen brother!

I am a bit suspicious of this. IE has a spoons employee turned up for work wearing a poppy, been told it's not acceptable, created a fake twitter account to express their anger, got a bit of publicity, spoons didn't like it, so issued a statement, Mhedia will always support those they get advertising revenue from, so the truth becomes suppressed. Cannot ever recall seeing a poppy box in a spoons pub, or even a staff member wearing a poppy.

Will be happy to be proven wrong tho.

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36 minutes ago, Negan said:

It has been a while since I've been in a Spoonies.

Mrs ain't keen on em.

I will have a look next time I'm in Briar Rose though.

Only pub in town we allow Villa in, and you use it? FFS.

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