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Chav's On Pedal Bikes!


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Are they trying to get knocked over ffs, came across 2 groups of chavs doing wheelies earlier in middle of the road all dressed in black.

It's everywhere in Brum, its reached epidemic proportions.
Love to see a 38 tonner go over them and them  having to be scraped off the road.


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7 minutes ago, Negan said:

It is happening in South Birmingham too.

As the post said, in Birmingham it has reached epidemic proportions. I don't experience it where I live. Problem is I don't really drive much around where I live, I drive mostly in the poorer parts of Brum like south B'ham, and have to avoid these rodent's on bikes. Seriously tho, As a parent I would never have let my kids behave in such a way, as not only are they a danger to other people, their safety is at risk. too many fat lazy feckin parents about now tho, watching Netflix, and ordering food off justeat. 

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21 minutes ago, Negan said:

I'm sure you do experience it it in Erdington. It is mainly chav males youths doing it. I haven't actually seen any girls doing it as yet. I had three of em just pull out in front of me in Bournville yesterday.

So dangerous! Of course I slowed down as I wish them no harm. 

Not sure that I have  seen it in Erdington, as when I drive through there it is usually only on the main roads, like Chester Road!!

I have tho seen it in Chelmsley same thing on a big island doing wheelies; it clearly happens elsewhere.

Little Muppets would complain when one of them goes north over a car windscreen.....sad thing is they are probably to stupid for it to have any effect on the rest of them. Wheres mum and dad when there kid is on a carriage way doing wheelies thinking he's a bad man ?

A kid died in Kings Heath where you live in an RTA, so the response by his pals was to ride dangerously around the area on bikes and quads in the road doing wheelies .....in respect..... of his death......in a road traffic accident. Mmmmkay.

Is it me or ....can you not get your head round the irony. Humans really take 'what the feck' to a new level.

As ever, lovely lad news story broke. Hmm ok. Maybe but, come on!

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Already happened in North London. Some wee Pikey was came off his bike in a chase with coppers, he died and now they have a shrine out for him next to Pentonville nick, where he'd have ended up if he survived.

Played for Arsenal youth apparently, what a shame.

Reply below added 5 minutes later

just seen pedal bike, this wee cunt came off a petrol bike. point stands.

Edited by YIDDO
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