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Basic simple food.

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Guest Red Devil
22 minutes ago, MrMacleod said:

Me and my friends lunch today, couple hot dogs with chilli, bacon and melted cheese :)



Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out lol!!

They look, good pal, not top end restaurant stuff but defo decent scran. 

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Just opened the cream crackers, and after sorting through all the different cheeses Mrs Sa bought for Xmas, decided to open the usual mature cheddar (cathedral city), and have it on a few crackers along with a couple of pickled onions of the chip shop type. she moans that when we go to Costco the only thing i ever buy is a jar of chip shop pickled onions, Well thats cos i like them and cant get them on the High street. I did also just have a couple of Babybel. I like them a lot.

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41 minutes ago, MrMacleod said:

A chicken bake on a roll for snack tonight although I am contemplating a takeaway, constant texts and emails from just eat aren't doing any justice too my bank balance and waist line!

I've stopped using Just Eat and takeaway, most of the takeaways round boro are dirty as fuck, loads getting closed down with Zero food rating. So that put me off, also me wanting to lose more weight I've naturally not used them. Used to get 2-3 takeaways a week too. But i guess the last thing a chef wants to do is cook a meal when they get home.

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1 minute ago, MrMacleod said:

Yeah I really only cook in the house on my days off for friends and family, never when I finish work late at night

As you can see, I did end up going for a takeaway haha!


Not sure i would be able to cook anything in your house, due to the stupid amount of buttons on that oven. Why so many?

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38 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

What the fuck is a 1 piece cooker?

Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk

Daft cunt you. My oven and grill are in a cupboard type thing at the side of the kitchen, the thing with the cooking rings on, Hob? is on what is called an island? in the middle, hence cooker is all over the feckin place. No wonder i cant feckin use it.

If it was all together i could manage making beans on toast a lot easier.

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29 minutes ago, MrMacleod said:

It's a cooker, an oven and a grill lol. Just the basic type I guess?

Thus making it easy to use. Fancy my chances with that one, all being in one place. A cooker as it should be i say, simple and easy. Feckin technology is a nightmare at times. Having to press button 1, before button 2 will work, which it wont do, until knob C, is in the right position.

I could do great cheese on toast, when we had a simple gas grill, i struggle now tho. feckin button's knobs switches, dials, and digital displays FFS. 

Does all that shite make the food taste any better tho, or does it just mean the cook/chef, has to work a bit harder?

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12 hours ago, Harold said:

The wife made a chicken curry (chicken thighs) and Bombay potato yesterday.....the kitchen was smelling great as it bubbled away during the afternoon. Had half last night with the remainder this evening. Was really tender and tasted great.

Has to be way better than my attempt at toast toppers, that curry smell (except for when Asian taxi drivers think it acts as a deodorant), kills me. I finished up with a pot noodle, i can cook them as good as anybody, including @MrMacleod

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