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Masterchef the PROFESSIONALS WTF!?!

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Watching masterchef THE PROFESSIONALS.... Some guy was using same chopping board for RAW meat and RAW vegetables then about too cut the Cooked pigeon on the same chopping board as the RAW pigeon. 

Fair enough he's a pastry chef but basic food hygiene 

Nah what the fuck!?!?!.

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Nah fuck you, Nah fuck you

I can't be fucked watching that. 

Oh thats got me thinkng, I need to watch the x-factor from the weekend just gone. 

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5 minutes ago, MrMacleod said:

I love watching cookery programmes, like to get some new ideas. 

But when professionals are doing basic mistakes really grinds my gears haha 

It only grinds your shit as you know how much they are doing things wrongly. 

I also look food programmes, The Good Cook (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012gg69) was good.

The hairy bikers are brilliant too, bake off is good just for the entertainment value. 

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