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Just watching Gordon Ramsey on Cocaine and there are so many cunts driving whilst on Cocaine picking their kids up from school, are these people cunts.

The only drug I take is alcohol, why do people take Cocaine and other hard drugs and ruin their lives and fund crime. 

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Annoying thing for me is that the Police close down clubs/pubs, where people use drugs.

The Pub owner's should actually close down the Police, as it their job to prevent drugs entering the country, being sold etc.

The Rainbow in Digbeth has just had its licence revoked due to drugs being sold there. The type of venue that it is, its feckin obvious people are going be doing gear.

Why didn't the Police prevent it?? They knew about it for years. Easier option just to revoke the licence. I feckin hate the OB sometimes. (well most of the time). (in fact nearly all of the time).

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