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New Driving Tests.


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Changed as of today-https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/dec/04/examiners-strike-as-british-driving-test-changes-take-effect
1. Follow a SatNav for 20 minutes
2. Pull up on right hand side of road, reverse two car lengths then rejoin traffic (this is the bit driving instructors are up in arms about)
3. Answer two safety questions (one of which could be 'show how to wash windscreen'

Apparently the new test “now reflects real-life driving” by eliminating 3 point turns and reversing round a corner but instead introducing bay parking.

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30 minutes ago, Harold said:

the fuck's a sat nav, yeah yeah I know but never have and never will use one. Note to self: no more 3 point turns or reverse roond the corner.

I think the 3 point turn should still be in it. I never understood reversing round a corner, never done it since I past my test 18 years ago. I have done plenty of 3-point turns and the odd emergency stop due to dicks walking out into the road or people pulling out. 

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Follow a sat nav is absolutely fair enough, really. That's what most younger drivers do. To truly reflect driving the test should include:

 Driving along the 30 miles on the M6 at 50mph with Capital FM on and 2 arguing kids.

 Parking outside the takeaway and running in and out as fast as possible

 trying to park in a disabled bay at Tesco and practising your hobble when you get out

 effective braking from 44 to 30 when you see a camera

 Seeing if you can make a kids football match for 10.30 when you leave the house at 10.13 and it's 19 miles away, ala my niece every other Sunday.

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