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Ad Blocking - What do you use?

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I have been using ABP and AB chrome extensions for years. But yesterday I bought AdGuard for a special offer of £10.


Last night I blocked loads of ad network URLs via my parental controls on my router so they are blocked that way.

I also use ADGuard DNS servers too as my Primary and Secondary DNS Servers on my router:


So i really don't get many if any adverts on my computer or home network. The Adguard software I bought only works on 1 Laptop and thats on my main laptop. The other two options, the Parental control and the DNS is via my router.

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I use a free one on Chrome...Ad Blocker Plus I believe it is....doing a damn fine job....certainly wouldn't buy one....I do absolutely FUCK ALL financially on line & I mean FUCK ALL.

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I only bought the adguard as it's the best. Stops ads in YouTube videos and even the adverts on ITV hub and channel 4. Saving you a lot of.time.ifnyiu watch an hour long show. 

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