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Iain Duncan Smith: EU needs to 'back off' or 'move on'

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The former Conservative leader suggests the UK should walk away from the Brexit negotiations.


It has to be an option they are having us over at every level!  

It is my preferred option just now. Tell them to fuck off, 

Reality is we use far more of their products and services than they do ours.

How many German and French car workers will lose their jobs if we don't import them? 0or add on the tariffs at the WTO rate?

The tariffs on French cars would be more than what they are worth FFS, who of sound mind would ever consider buying 1?

The Italians are also getting a bit nervous about Prosecco? and wine, well fuck em, we will drink our own, and Australian and other non EU wines.

Any thoughts or opinions  on this?

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Yeah, I have plenty thoughts on what I thought was fantastic for the UK but has turned into a farcical circus. I have long desired (even before the referendum was first mooted by Cameron) getting out of a most corrupt & totalitarian institution. The fact that that cunt Bliar dwindled away our rebate really put the nail in the coffin for me. It really was no surprise because this war mongering former PM is a committed  Europhile. May is weak as shown in September when she offered £20 billion for the 'Divorce' bill (?) (a fucking con if there ever was one) & to remain under EU law for a further 2 years transitional period  after 19/3/19. Of course this amount was never going to be enough when Barnier knew that he had her on the back foot....now it's reported between £40 & £50 billion. SA's correct with regards products and services....they need us more than we need them. Pay these corrupt bastards fuck all & walk away !

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