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The Realist

Best Xmas present youve ever had

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There's two, both from the same bird. One Christmas eve & the second after leaving the dancing in the early hours of Christmas day.

First one was when I bumped into her at the dancing (I'd been out with her before and she was a bit of a tease). Asked her if she wanted a drink, said yes so we made our way to bar which was absolutely heaving. I took her hand and slipped it down my jeans and she gave me a wank standing in the crowd.

Second was in the back seat of my mate's car afterwards (he and this bird's pal were in the front) and we got down and dirty and indulged in a 69'er.. Those were the days.

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My memory is wank but I'm going to say my Claud Butler Silver mountain bike with shift gears. Loved that bike, had it for years. Obviously its long gone now as I got that over 20 years ago haha. 

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5 minutes ago, The Realist said:

Missed the boat in 2017.

This has to be top of my presnt list for 2018. wouldn't be to upset if it was the only present i got ever again TBH.


what you gonna do with an upside down stool ?

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