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The Realist

Deal agreed in Brexit talks - Juncker

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14 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

The last thing this county needs is Labour in power, the Conservatives are not that much better but that cunt Corbyn is such a push over and an absolute bellend, wanting to get rid of Trident. We'd have no military if he came to power. We kind of don't at the minute under May but its better than what it would be like under Labour!

I agree with you about our terrorist loving shadow leader and his IRA apologist shadow chancellor but he is being listened to, bellends or not, he is being listened to and those listening do not give a fuck as to what he was/is. The Conservative party, imo, are going backwards since May stupidly called that General Election. Funnily enough they done better in Scotland than they have for years but that was more to do with the SNP's popularity dropping due to Sturgeon's hankering for a second separation referendum.

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Ironic how Europe are playing such hard ball in these negotiations.

Lest they forget...

1914 - 1918

1939 - 1945

The UK owes Europe nothing and shame on them for behaving so disgracefully in talks.

Ungrateful bastards!

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A decent article on Brexit apart from the idiotic statement by Gordon Brown ex (& failed) PM.....

"Mr Brown said remaining in the customs union after Brexit would not be a “betrayal” of the Brexit vote and claimed Britons do not like any Brexit proposals put forward by hard Brexiteers."......Eh?

anyway there is a short video with sensible comments by Andrea Jenkyns in the following link.


and another link concerning Andrea Jenkyn's stance re Brexit.....Good read!


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1 hour ago, boro_boy said:

People are saying it was a stund and he done this on purpose to get attention.

of course it was....they have nothing to offer. They're trying to get some legislation against Brexit (not sure of the details but it's to do with devolution and powers after Brexit) declared valid at the appeal courts or something...


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Barclays bank is to create 2,500 jobs in Glasgow. So much for Brexit going to fuck up the financial services in the UK eh? Of course Sturgeon was interviewed championing the move....hypocrite of the highest degree!! And par for the course there was absolutely no footage of her being questioned regards this!

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