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Is Social Media Destroying Society?

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Former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitya thinks so. Have to say I agree with him. People should get their arses off Facebook and get down to the local pub to socialise IMO, Its also better to meet women than go on dating sites.


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YES It is Destroying Society. 

There are good parts to it though but a lot of bad parts.

I use Facebook to discuss my Dog and go on walks with other people with the same dogs :) 

I also use it for this website where I post selected messengers onto facebook to try and get people to join up. Unsuccessfully lol

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I rarely use Facebook, Mrs SA uses my Facebook to play a few games! I have no dodgy passwords or hide anything from her. Some people would be horrified at the thought of their husband/wife having access to their Facebook or phone, WTF is that about seriously?. I bet it causes a few arguments too.

I don't mind her giving me grief if I stroll home at 4am pissed as feck after saying i'm popping out for a quick pint at 7pm. I'll be phucked if I'm gonna have her screaming at me for liking a mates comment that has a girl 50 yards away in the background or similar type crap. Sad thing is tho, people really behave like that nowadays.

Is deleting somebody on Facebook the worst thing you can do to a person nowadays? From thing's I hear at times it seems that way.

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