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Skoda Superb!

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Brother in law been round, Took me for a couple of cheeky pints, He drives a 2016 Skoda Superb, I was totally shocked by how nice the car was, Felt like a top notch German effort. Lovely high quality interior, really good spec, smooth and comfortable as could be.No horrible cheap nasty scratchy plastics either. I would seriously consider one of these, if ever i had to buy and pay for my own car. @boro_boy next time you buy a new car, it is worth taking a look at. IMO, it pisses all over it's rival vauxhall and Ford Mondeo competitors.

Am i too much of a badge snob to have one tho? Maybe but i am getting a bit older, and these thing's do become less important. Coming from the VW/Audi stable, it has to be decent tho.

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It will be VAG engineering. 

A car is only as good as the engineer.

This is why Hyundai/Kia have taken off as the took on a new design engineer.

Peter someone, name escapes me now.

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21 minutes ago, Locke said:

Peter Schreyer. 

He is an excellent design engineer.

Never heard of him. What has he designed that is any good then?

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