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Mr Magnificent

English Championship Attendances

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1 hour ago, Locke said:


It is the third best attended league in Europe.

That is pretty awesome on every level.

I love the Championship and prefer it to the EPL.

WOW someone started a football thread!!!

But yeah I think I posted a similar topic on this a few months back. The EPL is boring, the same teams winning all the time. The Championship is so unpredictable its actually great to watch as you don't know what the fuck is going to happen. It's like the Premiership is like watching a film you've seen loads of times, you just know what happens.

I obviously want Middlesbrough to go up but I do enjoy the championship.

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Just now, redblood said:

From the article


Yeah thats just the shitty side of the game, rich people trying to get richer from the fans!

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3 minutes ago, Haggis-Baws said:

Load of crap really though isn't it when you look at the population of the country.


Scotland's top flight was attended by 0.21% of the population sitting 1st in Europe EPL attracted just 0.07% sitting 11th. 

Not crap really, not all of the population likes football also England isn't the highest population. What I think your saying is the higher the population the higher the attendances, well that doesnt always work. 

Population of England is 53.01 million

Populatuon fo Germany is  82.67 million

Population of Spain is 46.56 million

Population of Italy 60.6 million

Population of France 66.9 million

Population of Netherlands 17.02 million

Population of Portugal 10.32 million

1 Premier League England 13,607,420
2 Bundesliga Germany 12,703,896
3 Championship England 11,086,368
4 La Liga Spain 10,621,000
5 Serie A Italy 8,377,860
6 Ligue 1 France 7,965,940
7 2. Bundesliga Germany 6,652,134
8 Eredivisie The Netherlands 5,840,316
9 League One England 4,373,496
10 Primeira Liga Portugal 3,622,428

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This just proves the English love their game. 

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1 hour ago, Haggis-Baws said:

My point is really BB is England gets praised left right and centre for attendances blah blah while Scotland is criticised for instance some top flight games in the SPL can be under 4k the media bam up the English game constantly just pointing out for attendances in Scotland is much higher than the rest of Europe per head of population 


The Media!!!

They have their own agenda on this and that maybe to piss off you Scots. But fucking ignore them, I can't stand the media. Compared to the total population of Scotland (Just over 5.3 million) it's not bad. 

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