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Margaret Thatcher set to lose out in Parliament Square statue battle

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A monument to Britain's first female prime minister opposite Parliament looks set to be rejected.


Not sure why Nelson Mandela has a statue in that square tho. WTF, has he to do with, or what has he ever done for Britain?? Feckin terrorist, maybe in another 20/30 years, the lefties will campaign for a statue of gerry adams, or that dead cunt mcguinness.

A trade union leader beating  Maggie out of a statue place tho. priceless.

Personally i hated Maggie Thatcher, as i was one of the youth during her reign as PM.

The current Carillion issue, and food banks crappy railway system etc, are just a small part of her legacy.

If ever Maggie does get a statue,and  If reincarnation exists, I really wanna come back as a pigeon.

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Who really cares? I hate all the first woman this, first gay this, first black that. Getting very boring now. They all want to be equal yet they want the world to know that they're the first so and so to have a statue put up. Bore off. Women want equality but they get a longer time to do the fitness test in the Navy!!! Hows that fair and "Equal" that's discrimination against men. Don't give a fuck if they are built differently, they want the same pay as men, yet in the navy men have to carry everything that's heavy as the women are too weak to carry heavy items. I'm all for quality if they share the workload and tests. 

Sorry totally off topic, that needed to come out. 

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