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Scandal-hit club shuts amid groping claims

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The Presidents Club says it is responding to accusations made at a men-only charity dinner.


There were loads of people there and I’m yet to hear of a single complaint from anyone other than the reporter that was in there to ‘expose’ something whatever did or didn’t happen. David Walliams was there as the host until 23:30 and said he seen absolutely nothing untoward. 

Donors are now withdrawing millions of pounds of donations from charities that need the cash and at least one hospital is giving money back. 

Other than the reporter getting her dodgy expose nobody wins here.

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these types of events have been taking place for fuck knows how many years and if ANYONE actually thought/believed that absolutely no sexual conduct would take place is living in cuckoo land. One of the clues for any possible hostess would have surely been ...'Men Only event' and for fucks sake the second but even STRONGER clue would have been when they were told the kind of dress code they were expected to wear. Bottom line nowadays when there is ANY interaction between men and women......NO physical contact of ANY kind and absolutely NO sexual innuendo even in joke form or you'll be getting round up and hammered by the #Me tooers!

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STOP PRESS: Pissed & sniffed up men with shitloads of cash pay to be surrounded by beautiful women and a small percentage overstep the line SHOCKER!!

 Up to £20M of charity money withdrawn now for what sounds like nothing. Great Ormond St is even giving some cash back now to distance itself. It’s absolute bloody madness.

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