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Embarrassing Photos.

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Let's all have a laugh at each other. Does anyone have any embarrassing or funny pictures of yourself where you just don't give a fuck, whether it be drunk or sober.

I have a few I've came across but I'll let someone else break in first.

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56 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

I'm sorry mate, unfortunately, we have a seriousLY MENTALLY UNSTABLE troll that stalks this forum. I wouldn't even allow him the slightest sniff of my photo.

He'd use it on other forums or social media platforms. My advice would be don't do it yourself, he will defo use the photos. 


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Here is a rather dashing one of my many many years ago!

I got beat in a space hopper race after a 5 win streak if I remember and I decided to throw the space hopper across the dancefloor.

Don't think the bouncers were too pleased and asked me too leave the premises!, (no idea why???).


But hats off too the photographer for the perfect timing ha! 


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