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Red Devil

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Here's a message from Red Devil


Hi Guys, 


As you are aware I've decided to move on from the forum, this wasn't a choice made lightly as I've enjoyed posting on the forum for a number of years. Unfortunately as you are clearly aware of I've been being stalked by the forum stalker for a number of years. 


Whilst it may have appeared like strange on forum behaviour a lot has been going on behind the scenes that hasn't been seen. Negan/Shelby was allowed access to my personal details and with that information I have reason to believe he's been trying to not only access my personal email but also imitate me on online forums and social media applications. 


On top of that he's got my first name and the first intial of my surname. He knows a lot about my personal life from the forum and I decided to call it a day because of the possibility of him trying to find my social media accounts which would also mean he had access to my wife and daughters as well. I can't risk someone like him having this access as he's clearly a strange dangerous character. 


I've spent the best part of 6 years trying to inform people of the dangers of this individual but for some reason it's always fallen on death ears. I hope you all the best for the future but no forum is worth risking someone effecting your personal situation so if you (SA) want to think I'm less of a man for moving on, then so be it. 


B/B, Yiddo, S/A, Harold, Mr Mc, Redblood, Jinks all the best for the future. I've had some good laughs and chats. 


So long..


Dave.. you already know my name as negan has told u. 

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