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Quorn - Anyone eat it

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Its surprisingly alright, tried the mince in a lasagna and it was very tasty, also used the fake chicken pieces in a home made Hairy Dieters Korma, you can tell the fake chicken paces are not chicken but only on the texture as its not as tough, but its a great alternative, i'm going to start using it more and more I think, its definitely nicer than beef mince, I've gone right off that at the moment, Turkey mince is the way ahead, even if you have to bash it about whilst cooking it to separate all the bits that constantly clump together. 

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13 minutes ago, Harold said:

From this.....Image result for mince images


To this....Image result for cottage pie images


Got to go 'real'....

I'd still eat either but normal beef mince is not the nicest, even the better quality one, I only buy the 5% fat ones these days due to cutting down on fat but honestly try Turkey mince, much nicer. Quorn is nice too, doesn't taste of much so you taste all the flavours of your meal more.

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IDShot_540x540 (1).jpgIDShot_540x540.jpg

Breast mince is 2% fat and not the easiest to cook with as you need a bit of oil and it clumps together a lot

Thigh mince is better at 7% fat and doesn't clump as much. 


Doesn't look the best but its actually nice, don't get me wrong i'm not a veggie in the slightest, the missus is a bit iffy with animal meat so she wanted me to try the quorn mince in a few meals and I was very surprised at it, its healthier for you too :).

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3 minutes ago, Harold said:

Nah, I'm fine the way I am and what I eat mate. Not criticisng anyone but I see no reason to change. Best mince I've had for a while came from Aldi.

That's fair enough mate, wasn't trying to change you, just letting you know whats out there :) 

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I prefer vegetarian mince, to the shite that's served up as real mince, containing literally no meat, tastes horribly fatty and greasy, and has a texture like snot.

I also loved those Quorn dogs, which sadly i cant find anymore. Not looked too hard tho, as i never seem to get passed the Steak's when out shopping with Mrs SA.

I like red onions too.

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