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He said about 24 other UFO videos are being declassified for release to the public in the coming months." can't wait.

Wish negan was on here to hear his story about it.

Negan/Locke was on a business trip to Samarkand where he was negotiating an image rights deal for Salma Hayek when the Lear jet his friend had loaned him for the trip was buzzed by a UFO. No matter what the pilot did to try and shake the UFO off, they couldn't and after about 10 minutes, a blinding beam pierced the fuselage of the Lear jet and Negan/Locke found himself inside what seemed to be sort some craft. He was told that, social services had kidnapped his children and were holding them hostage with threats of violence towards them unless Negan/Locke stopped exposing the secret society he stumbled upon whilst carrying out research his first novel about internet stalking and weirdness..  Negan/Locke agreed and the next thing he knew, he was standing naked  in Digbeth at a game against Leicester.  Negan/Locke has been trying to return to his own timeline ever since his only proof any of this happened, a return ticket to Oldham marked British Rail and dated 2022 found wedged in the cleft of his butt cheeks that afternoon  in Digbeth.

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