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Too many "Special Days"

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I'm sick of it. 

We just get over Christmas, people can think they can now save some money and pay Christmas off if they haven't already saved up for it prior. But we are then hit with these days!

14th Feb - Valentines Day
11th Mar - Mothers Day
1st April - Easter
17 June - Fathers Day

Then you have all your relatives birthday, I only buy for my Parents now, everyone else can fuck off. I didn't even do valentines this year, I just told the missus, I don't need to waste £40-50 on flowers and a card then chocolate to show you I love you. I buy you loads anyway, during the year. Its just a marketing ploy none of the flowers are worth as much as they sell for. 

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Lighten up ffs you miserable cunt......:smile:...... If people want to or are daft enough to buy for these days then get on with it. Of course they're marketing ploys to try and up profits. Today is 'Harold's Day'. Asda was doing a litre of Captain Morgan's spiced rum for 16 snaps so I went in and got three....better than the £19.50 Tescos were selling it at.


PS....you should take up a new career in marketing....you could sell depression by the the fucking crate load.

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6 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

hahaha, its not depression, its annoyance!!

Everything annoys me these days. I'm like Victor Meldrew.

believe me....you've got nothing on me when it comes to fucking moaning & getting annoyed with shit (I'm watching that annoying wee cunt Ben Shephard on Tipping Point at the moment and he seriously gets on my tits!)...........the wife tells me every day.....:smile:. I can just imagine you and me over a drink in the pub....we'd be asked to leave as our gurning faces were putting other customers off!

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I kind of agree too some extent! 

But not all the occasions need too cost money.


But for the ones that I celebrate are Christmas (only get gifts for family and Rachael).


Mums and Rachael's birthday, mothersday for good ole Mary doll and valentines day, but that I don't buy anything specific, usually a romantic time In the bedroom haha!

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