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Real Madrid v Juventus [Penalty and Buffon Sending Off]

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2 hours ago, boro_boy said:

Its a penalty and Buffon deserves to be sent off for gobbing off at the ref. 


Agreed on both points. Disgraceful scenes from Juve players and the fact that they took so long to get the sub keeper on.

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Defo a penalty for me , shove in the back and wrapped his leg round the player : yes I feel for juve after doing so well to be 3 up and to lose it lose it like that so late but the way Buffon went at Oliver like that was shocking if that would have been Vinnie Jones or Roy keane someone of that kind of player wit( a bad reputation) they would get so much stick in the press and on tv but because it’s Buffon everyone feels sorry for him ? Well I don’t feck him

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5 hours ago, midtrans said:

Amazing match. I have watch it full

Welcome to the forum M.....get posting a plenty mate. Why not introduce yourself and give some info ?

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