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The Realist

BBC Bias again!

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We had 70000 FLA march in London against extremism, and supporting Justice for the 21, several thoushand marched in Birmingham last month for the same thing, totally peaceful marches without a hint of trouble. Not a peep from the BBC, 1200 remainers rally, and they are all over it. I really do hate the BBC, they will never get a penny out of me in licence fees. Corrupt biased bunch of left wing scum.


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We had a vote...these remoaning cunts lost....they had their chance and blew it. This is simply a pathetic effort to stay in a corrupt institution via the back door. Star Trek & The X Men ? God give me strength.

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Yes, the BBC are a little biased.

I voted to leave and am generally comfortable with my decision.

However, I do feel industry here may be adversely affected for a while and job losses inevitable. What is done is done and we will get past that for the better eventually.

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