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4 minutes ago, Locke said:

Back with a bang folks.

It is good to be posting again.

So whats been happening in my absence?

All has been sweet mate. Behave and you'll be fine. Your posts under 'Andrew' were not too bad at all....let's continue in that vein...okey doke ?

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6 hours ago, The Realist said:

Let's just hope you do, as it is blatantly obvious that for whatever reason, you seem unable to cope without the forum in your life. Tho i said previously, i think you should be properly monitored rather than banned, i couldnt actually make that decision myself.

Just remember your future on here is in your hands only you can decide what kind of shite you want to post, and how much of a fool and liar you want to prove yourself to be.Absolute ZERO TOLERANCE, of your shite. And just for the record, I think Reddevil is 10x the person you are, so dont even think about provoking him. As i say, it's in your hands, and there will be zero tolerance.

It took me about 10 mins to recognize you by the way, which can be confirmed in the PM i sent to BB telling him your back, he already knew tho.

Guess your not as smart as you think you are, anyhow FFS, just get a bit of dignity and self respect and behave yourself.

Your call.

I am not sure why you need to bring Red Devil up (well maybe I am) and I am really not sure what use your post serves.

Harold's was much more productive.

I am fully aware of what is expected of me as Boro Boy has informed me via PM, so no need for any further briefings really.

Edited by Locke

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