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I would like to see it given more time, as every new thing has teething problem's. Remember when the pass back rule was first introduced around 1992/93?

I also think maybe a system liked that used in tennis where maybe the team captain can call for a video review maybe 3 times during a match could work.

If this had been the case when we played Burton, that disallowed goal by Boga, would have been given as he was clearly incorrectly judged to have been offside. We would not still be in a relegation battle now, we would be safe, that wrong decision could still see us relegated.

It does need fine tuning, and a bit more trial and error.

How would people feel, if a goal/penalty or similar was given against their team, and it was totally the wrong decision? Costing them relegation, promotion, a trophy, or a place in the Champions league final?

Nowadays with the money involved in football, the consequences for a club could be greater than ever before.

Wish we had goal line technology, when that Lampard goal V Germany wasnt given.

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