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Online banking....Aaaargh!


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What a bloody calamity within the TSB's system causing chaos. Any of you guys do your financial dealings via this method and have you had any problems irrespective of which bank it is or are you happy enough to use this type of system ? Personally I would NEVER consider it as it is, imo, so open to things going massively wrong (as per this report in the link) and there have been many reports about things going haywire in the past. Plus, I'm more of a computer dummy so wouldn't trust myself dealing with financial aspects via a computer. The missus and me are cash people and it will stay that way.


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It's not just their online system that has gone tits up. I phoned their telephone banking service (I only use that for checking figures, nothing else) to check on recent transactions and it is also fucked (TSB use the term...'being upgraded').

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It sys on the news and site, they are letting limited access to customers at certain times too save it crashing. 

Luckily it didn't effect me as much as a TSB customer as I haven't needed money out and didn't have any direct debit or that, but it better get sorted soon as next week is my debt week lol 

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went in this morning to get my cash (via a cheque....no card shit for me) and their new IT system is slower than Diane Abbott counting to ten. Got my cash mind you. Lassie came to the next teller to report that money had vanished from her account. The frontline staff must be under some stress trying to sort out customers problems with this almighty cock up. Technology eh ?......:flashing-lol:

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